Canton of Foxvale Presents

feathered fox inn

Play ~ Drink ~ Dance

The Feathered Fox Inn welcomes travelers from around the knowne world to celebrate their grand opening. Come Camp & Revel with us! Enjoy friendly competitions of accuracy and intellect. Share, sample, and discuss local craft libations. Dance the day and night away, all while in good company as celebrations continue through the evening at the tavern!

August 25th - 27th, 2023

Plowmens Park, 48W508 Hinckley Road, Big Rock, IL, 60511

[41.764398, -88.559247]

(physical address will take you to the Prairie State Railroad Club, north-east corner of the park)

Registration Fees

(no family cap, day pricing, or additional fees for vending)


Receive this custom 4-6 oz. ceramic cup. While supplies last! (mail-In & online registration receives priority)

Checking In

  • At registration please present your membership card (if applicable) and valid ID. This is a wet site with classes that focused on alcoholic beverages. Adults will be required to show proof of identity, birthdate, and provided wrist bands.

SCA-rs Online Registration

  • Click link below to fill out registration form. It will include information for multiple SCA events. Please read carefully to select options related to our event. An invoice will be emailed to you with further instructions to make your payment via PayPal.
  • Online registration deadline August 20th

Mail-In Registration

  • Mail-in registration postmarked by August 18th

Event Map

General Schedule

Friday, August 25th
4:00PM – Site Open to Early Campers
6:30PM – Potluck Dinner
8:00PM – Bonfire Time

Saturday, August 26th
9:00AM – Registration Opens
9:30AM – “Brunch” Served
10:00AM – Activities Begin
3:30PM – “Linner” Served
4:30PM – Tavern Bar Opens
5:00PM – Baronial Tavern Court

Sunday, August 27th
11:00AM – Pack-up & Fond Farewells
2:00PM – Site Closes

  • Camping Event: No tent size limitation. Electrical and water hook-ups unavailable. RV/Trailer Parking can be accommodated.
  • Pet-friendly. Please keep pets on leash or contained. Be mindful of other animals, and pick-up after your pets.
  • Wet site – we encourage the use of non-modern drinking vessels for beverages. Be courteous and collect your empties. 
  • Above ground fires (portable fire pits) allowed.
  • (((SOUND WARNING))) Event property is located next to a train line. Trains, with horn, will run occasionally throughout the day and a silent running train at least once in the evening.
  • Seating in tavern area will be limited. Please bring portable chairs. 

Hotel Recommendations

friday activities

Early registration check-in available from 4:00PM to 6:30PM

6:30pm – 8:00pm
For staff and any early campers. Whether small or large, please bring a food or drink item to share.

After sundown the large fire pit will be lit for a casual gathering to end the evening.

saturday activities

Beverage Makers Exhibition

A day of celebrating beverage makers and learners in our knowne world. Activities to include classes, populace bean count beverage competition, and beverage makers showcase.

Beverage Makers Showcase

Visit the showcase table to chat with highlighted beverage maker of the hour. See their display, ask questions, talk about their process, sample their creations.

Would you like to participate in the beverage makers showcase? Follow the link below to grab a spot.

Sign Up!

Dance Salon

Pavilion dedicated to everything dance! Classes and related activities will run throughout the day. 


  • Beagle Leathers

Armored & Rapier Combat

No marshaled activities on the schedule. You are welcomed to have unofficial practice time, but please provide a marshal.

Village Green Games

  • Battledore and Shuttlecock (badminton)
  • Bocce

Games will be available for guests to play throughout the day until tournaments begin. Check with the Games Minister Station for equipment.


Provided by Baron Robert Thorne

Game Tournaments

  • Battledore and Shuttlecock (badminton) – Sponsored by Their Excellences of Ayreton
  • Bocce – Sponsored by His Excellency of Carraig Ban
  • Darts – Sponsored by Their Excellencies of Illiton

Wandering Baronial Court

Per Their Excellencies’ request, there will not be a traditional court format. Court announcements will be presented informally in the tavern, shortly after the concert performance.

Night time at the feathered fox inn

As the day comes to an end, the tavern will “open for business”. Kicking off with Wandering Court from Their Excellencies of Ayreton, and Potluck Desert Bar. Complementary libations will be available at the tavern bar (tips always appreciated). Stay and and enjoy an evening of silly social fun. Don’t forget your chair!


classes & scheduled actvities


Bit late for breakfast. Bit early for lunch.
Served cafeteria style. Select one of each section.

2 Egg and cheese bites [GF, VEG]
2 Chicken skewers with dipping sauce.
Fruit salad with dipping sauce [GF, V]
Tossed salad with dressing [GF, V]
Warm Applesauce with sugar (free) and cinnamon [GF, V]
Oatmeal and toppings (raisins, cinnamon, brown sugar, banana slices, honey) [GF, V]
Onigiri (rice ball) with nori (seaweed) [GF, V]
Sushi rice with Pickled plums, furikake and soy sauce [GF, V]
Water, Coffee, Tea, Lemonade


Not exactly lunch. Not exactly dinner.
Served cafeteria style.

Choice of…
Beef Stew [GF]
Vegetarian Stew [GF, VEG]
Served with rice [GF, VEG]
Optional sides…
Bread & Butter [VEG]
Cheese [VEG]
Boiled Egg [VEG]
Fruit [V]
Cookies [VEG]
Water, Coffee, Tea, Lemonade

(GF = Gluten Free, VEG = Vegetarian, V = Vegan)

Event Staff

THL Yamamura Kitsune
Co-Event Steward & Linner Coordinator
Baroness Hillary of Langeforde​
Co-Event Steward & Class Coordinator
Lady Berngard Solgai
Event Registration
Lady Reishi Honda
Brunch Coordinator
Forester Renzokuken of Ayreton
Games Minister